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Judges impressed with Canadian developed sugar alternative that improves sports performance

Crawley, West Sussex, UK A Canadian developed natural healthy sugar alternative has been chosen a finalist as the top sports ingredient in Europe. The jury composed of a panel of experts assembled by NutraIngredients – a leading European e-magazine - recognized VitaFiber® IMO for its ability to improve sports performance, endurance and help with recovery and muscle soreness.

NutraIngredients is a digital publication based in the UK and published by business media powerhouse, William Reed. VitaFiber® IMO, developed by BioNeutra North America (“BioNeutra”), is a low-calorie, plant-based natural sweetener, prebiotic and dietary fibre used to replace sugar and increase fibre in yogurts, protein bars, ice cream, beverages and confectionaries and is sold to manufacturers on four continents.

BioNeutra Vice President of Regulator and Scientific Affairs, Dr. Vinti Goel, says, “We’re honoured to be a finalist for this coveted award and pleased to be recognized for our commitment to science.” VitaFiber® IMO in combination with whey protein has been the subject of two published clinical trials conducted by one of the world’s top research universities which found it improved sports performance while helping to prevent sugar spikes and dips during workouts.

The studies were led by an American sports expert and are listed on the National Institutes of Health clinical trial website The 11-person research team focused on nutrition sports bars - a key area of scientific and industry interest.

Director of Sales and Marketing for Europe, Robert Sikora, says, “Consumers pursuing a healthy lifestyle and especially athletes and gym goers are looking for a healthy alternative to sugar such as VitaFiber, which provides a range of benefits. It’s a prebiotic and dietary fibre and helps with digestion and regularity.”

VitaFiber® IMO is approved for sale by the world’s top three health regulatory bodies, the European Food Safety Authority, the US-FDA and Health Canada.

This honour is the fourth consecutive international recognition this year for VitaFiber and BioNeutra and its third science honour. The Company began the year by being chosen by the world’s top financial newspaper, the Financial Times, for its inaugural listing of the fastest growing companies in the ‘Americas’. VitaFiber was also named a finalist as Asia’s top sports ingredient and a panel of American judges also chose it as a finalist for America’s top prebiotic.


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