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VitaFiber, an all-Canadian alternative to sugar was launched in Toronto at CHFA East, a Canadian health food show.

The product is targeted at two of the world’s major health problems – bulging waistlines and digestive problems like irregularity. VitaFiber, is scheduled to be on the shelves of select natural health food stores in Canada in six weeks as part of a national retail roll out, following widespread online sales. It will also be available in bulk distribution for large scale and wholesale orders.

VitaFiber is partly named for the product’s fibre content, and comes from Edmonton based life sciences company BioNeutra. VitaFiber is made from the starch of natural plants such as pea or tapioca into a syrup or powder using a patented process.

It is certified halal, kosher, vegan and comes in both natural and organic format. BioNeutra has been described by the media as a rising Canadian star in life sciences and the Canadian Government has named it a leader among Canada’s 750 natural health and functional food companies.

Watch Warren Michaels, VP of Communications at BioNeutra as he discuss the orgins of VitaFiber.


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