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We are thrilled to announce that BioNeutra is opening a new production, research, and training facility in 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta. We’ll now be producing and bottling our VitaFiber™ products (both syrup and powder) right in south Edmonton!

This new facility will also act as our local research and development hub, where we’ll be working hard to develop our iso-malto-oligosaccharide products and recipes. From determining the amount of fiber in our customers’ finished food products to quality testing and assurance, our new facility allows for a more efficient and effective R&D process.

We’ll also be offering training for the manufacture of our products out of our new facility, ensuring that we have the best trained technicians working to develop the best iso-malto-oligosaccharides.

We’re excited to be localizing our production and supply operations, and we can’t wait to start bottling out of our new facility in 2016!


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