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The original, lower calorie, bulk sweetener known for it's versatility and multiple functions. It gently fosters a healthy gut without gastric disruption.

Similar to original VitaFiber® IMO only less sweet with more fiber. It gently fosters a healthy gut without gastric disruption.

Our sweetest product with a touch of fiber. It has similar functionality and versatility as the original VitaFiber® IMO

It's the same VitaFiber® IMO you know and enjoy enhanced with an FDA-approved dietary fiber. It has the same functionality and performance that gives you the results you’re looking for.

Resistant Dextrin has been widely used in a variety of foods to enrich fiber content. It's versatile and gentle on the gut.


Founded in 2003, BioNeutra North America Inc. is seeking to become the premier North American supplier of high quality fiber ingredients and products. We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers and consumers in both mainstream and functional food markets.

Our product line provides ingredients for various food systems, contributing to advanced human nutrition and wellness in functional and healthy foods.

Our goal is to move science-based processes into the commercial product marketplace. From our head office and manufacturing base in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, BioNeutra focuses on providing consistent, quality ingredients for formulators and manufacturers.

With our patented processes and product knowledge, we are able to leverage the manufacturing technology platform to develop, manufacture, and market novel functional ingredients for food processors and food product formulators.



We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers and consumers in both mainstream and functional food markets. Click on a territory below for local information.


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Food/Bev Industry gets New Fiber Product that's also a Low Cal Sweetener          

The American food/beverage industry today got some new help in its ongoing search for ways to cut sugar and add fiber with the introduction of VitaFiber® Plus – the industry’s newest sugar replacement. The product was launched by BioNeutra North America Inc. It’s a healthy low-calorie sweetener, a prebiotic and a soluble dietary fiber all rolled into one.


The fiber it contains is one of only 17 select fiber ingredients approved by the FDA under stiff new rules. Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs for BioNeutra, Dr. Vinti Goel, says, “Americans consume less than half the daily amount of fiber recommended by health experts. We believe that this is a product that food, beverage, bakers and confectionary manufacturers have been searching for driven by consumer demands for sugar reduction and added fiber.”


“It’s an unique product,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sheri O’Brien. “The industry will find it a joy to work with. It binds, bulks and browns. It’s mildly sweet and masks high intensity sweeteners and has great mouth feel. It helps keep ice cream smooth and creamy. It’s a humectant that keeps things moist.”

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